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I will be honest, ethical and respectful in the way I treat everyone I meet.

I will maintain a standard of professionalism and be fair and transparent in my dealings with others.

I will respect the personal rights of my clients, colleagues and other professionals and will not engage in negative behavior.

I will maintain the confidentiality and privacy of my clients except in instances where either the individual is at risk or others are placed at risk of harm or abuse.

I will continue to develop my skills and abilities to best serve the people who come to me.

If I’m unable to meet the needs/requirements of the individual, I will recommend other practitioners with relevant experience and skills wherever possible.

If I believe that a person is in need of mental health evaluation or care, medical examination or treatment, or legal advice or services I will refer him/her to a qualified professional or agency with their permission.

I will not misrepresent myself or my services while advertising. I will not make promises, guarantees, or claims of results that are false in order to increase interest in my service.

I will charge only the agreed price for my services.

I will encourage people to seek appropriate medical, legal and relevant support services wherever necessary. 

I will not cause any harm to people who use my services nor cause any harm financially, psychologically or by manipulating them to engage in behavior that is inappropriate and damaging.

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